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Peter Vickery, Kenn Centre Management Committee.



The Kenn Centre

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Date of Risk Assessment:   July 2020. 1st Review May 2021. 2nd Review August 2021


This document aims to assess the risk of opening the Kenn Centre, following the UK Government’s easing of the restrictions placed on the UK following the Corona Virus pandemic.

What are the risks?

The chief risk is that one, or more, of the people attending the Kenn Centre will be infected with Covid-19 and will spread that infection to other users of the Centre.

Who is at risk?

The safety of everybody entering the Centre is the highest priority for the Management Committee.

There are three groups at risk-

  • People attending activities at the Centre.
  • The Caretaker and members of the Management Committee who are carrying out their roles at the Centre.
  • Contractors and other tradespersons hired to carry out repairs or maintenance at the Centre.


What was done done prior to reopening the Centre?

The Centre was closed in March 2020 and re-opened in July 2020 with reduced capacity and restricted availability.

A cleaning regime, based on Government guidelines, was introduced.

A selection of Virus-related posters has been posted at strategic points in the Centre.


How does the Management Committee currently operate the Centre?

  1. The Centre will be made available in strict compliance with Government advice. 
  2. All users of the Centre will be asked to wear a mask or other suitable face covering when moving around the Centre.
  3. Generous supplies of hand sanitiser will be provided and there will be notices encouraging its use.
  4. Users will be encouraged to access the Centre via the fire doors to the booked room. This will reduce foot traffic in the Reception area. The main entrance doors will remain available to disabled users.
  5. Users will be encouraged to maximise ventilation by allowing doors and windows to remain open, where practicable.
  6. Rooms which are not in use will be locked in order to prevent unnecessary movement around the Centre.
  7. Users will be directed to provide their own beverages and snacks, tea towels etc. in order to reduce the use of the kitchen area which will only be open by prior arrangement.
  8. Additional covid-19 related information will be posted around the Centre.
  9. A record of the current cleaning schedule will be displayed in the Centre’s reception area, to reassure users that a compliant cleaning regime is in place.

Who will be responsible for these measures?

The responsibility for all health and safety measures, at the Kenn Centre, rests with the Management Committee.

When will these measures come in to force?

All the above measures are in force at the time of the review of the Risk Assessment (16th August 2021).


When will this Risk Assessment be reviewed?

The Risk Assessment will be reviewed in October 2021, or sooner if Government advice suggests earlier review is required.


Conditions of Hire

All persons or organisations wishing to hire the Kenn Centre, must be aware, and comply with, the following conditions:

  1. Nobody should attend the Kenn Centre if they have symptoms or are self-isolating if someone in their household has symptoms.
  2. Persons attending the Centre should wash / cleanse their hands frequently. Supplies of hand sanitiser are available at entry points and running water, soap and hot air driers / paper towels are available in the toilets and kitchen.
  3. In order to maintain respiratory hygiene, face masks, or shields, should be worn when moving around the building, unless an official exemption applies. 
  4. Social Distancing must be maintained at all times. Two metres should be maintained between individuals or groups. 
  5. Organisers of activities must ensure that persons attending their activity are registered, either by using the QR code available at the Centre, or by a paper record maintained by the organiser. Records should be kept for at least three weeks, so that, in the event of a case of the virus, NHS Track and Trace can contact everyone the individual was in contact with. 

Organisers of events have an important role to play in communicating these conditions to their members / participants and in ensuring that they are followed.


page updated 17.8.2021